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About - Sikh Polis
Sikh Police
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The Promotion of International Human Rights
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About Sikh Polis

Sikh Polis is an independent, non-campaigning organisation that works to promote human rights and civil liberties through the promotion of Sikh philosophy. The ancient Greek term polis has been used which means ‘city-state’. Each polis was in effect a state, which governed independently from other states in terms of political, judicial, legal, religious and social institutions and practices. This website shall illustrate how a Sikh state would deal with global problems which have not been solved by other ideologies.

Our purpose is to educate all about the Sikh Gurus teachings of justice, fairness, freedom and truth in the political sphere.  We endeavour to achieve this by advocating the concept of Sikh civilisation, as detailed in the Guru Granth Sahib, and as demonstrated by those who have applied these teachings in society.

At the core of Sikh teachings is equality and human dignity, we therefore believe that respect for human rights is fundamentally important as the hallmarks of any civil society. The protection and promotion of human rights can help to create a fairer, more accepting society, whilst tackling inequality and disadvantage sometimes caused by bigotry, narrow-mindedness and/or superiority complexes.

We strive to achieve our objectives through the invaluable work of our dedicated and passionate volunteers.

Sikh Polis Objectives

  1. The promotion of international human rights.  This includes:
    • the elimination of any infringement of these rights; and
    • the promotion of effective remedies (in light of any breach), from the egalitarian teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib, for the benefit of all humankind.
  2. The provision of educational material and information on crimes that deny human rights, such as honour-based-violence and police atrocities against Sikhs.
  3. The undertaking and promotion of research into Sikh ideals and human rights.

We want:

  • to highlight the benefits of Sikh civilisation.
  • to empower and support those who have their rights violated.

We will achieve this:

  • by having a handheld Guru Granth Sahib in every home.
  • supporting the campaign for Amritsar to have ‘Vatican’ City Status.